Relentless- 12" Vinyl LP

  •  Relentless- 12" Vinyl LP

Lockjaw's 1st full length studio album, Relentless on the bands own 620 Records. Produced by Chris Collier with all songs written and performed by Lockjaw.

Speaking on the concept of the album title, Jeff Said: "Relentless is the story of our lives. Not just the band, ALL our lives. We are faced with so much adversity throughout our lives, that it's sometimes hard to cope with such forces seemingly pushing back so hard. This record really represents our journey here on this earth, and not all of its negative, while some of the songs talk about mental health, anxiety, addiction and fear, there is still this overwhelming sense of hope, faith, and relentless drive that keeps us all going."

Track Listing


1. Silence The Fear
2. I Can't Escape
3. Relentless
4. Living In My Head
5. Sever


6. Devil in Disguise
7. Release Me
8. Breaking Point
9. No Gods Among Men


- One 140G black LP
- Front and back artwork on sleeve

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